Outdoor Catering

Whether it’s a charity event, corporate function or even garden party, Saffron Club is happy to provide outdoor catering services.

We can offer a truly tailored menu and a customised service. We can also help you choose the right style of catering service to go for, our knowledge and understanding of what works well for different occasions, will help you to deliver a top-class event.

Function Room

Whether you need somewhere to catch up with a colleague or you are looking for a venue to host your next sales briefing, choosing the right venue is important. We provide fantastic function rooms for business meetings and other purposes

Corporate Lunches

Whether you are inviting 10 potential clients or 100 current customers, corporate lunches are an opportunity to network with people who are important to your business. The success of a corporate lunch will rely on finding the right venue, with the right atmosphere, quality of service, food and drink. So why not employ our help to make sure that your corporate lunches are impressive, successful and effortless.

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